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War Stories

Photo Story "Fair Haired Ones"- 1968-1969  FairHairedBoys  

Kreil Tim Fegette, SGT LOH Scout Platoon (1968-79), People called the scouts special as well as nuts. I think top (Troop First Sergeant) called us the "Fair Haired Ones" as I always bucked him on trying to assign one of our people for duty. So I made the sign and hung it out for all to see. It had a short life. The maintenance officer did not like it. He made us remove it. I still think it was cool. We were different and nuts. We had good guys and great leadership from our LT and all scout pilots.




Gerald "Jerry" Odom, 1LT Scout Platoon Leader: These were my boys. Scout platoon (68-69). Some of the best warriors that ever lived. They were observers and crew chiefs. Young and brave. They never asked "why", they just did it. It was an honor to be their platoon leader. 



James R. "Jim" Walt, Light Scout Observer: I was a young untrained out-of-my-depth observer, fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of real soldiers. These guys were brave and courageous far beyond my estimation of myself. Lt Odom was the dad, and probably for some of us the dad we never had but certainly looked for. He was always firm, and fair. And you always knew he cared about you, and for all the other men he led. He truly cared. He was a role model of strength and leadership under far too many times of duress or stupidity. We all aspired to be like him. Lt Odom, sir, I salute you, and will always respect you. I’m only sorry I haven’t said this before as clearly as I have felt it.