List of Photo Albums & SlideShows & Yearbooks
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Adkins, Dwain D 1964-66 15 photos of his tour in a Photo Album
Allen, Stanley D 1969-70 173 photos of his tour in a Slide Show
Allcock, Allen D 1969-70 103 photos of his tour in a Slide Show
Alto, John D 1966-67 Aerorifle Platoon Leader made a video of his high quality photos
Alto, John D 1966-67 Slide show of Christmas 1966 with Vietnamese children
Barger, Lewis L. D 1966-67 Gunpilot Hvy Scouts - 160 photos in a Slide Show
Barger, Lewis L. D 1966-67 Gunpilot Hvy Scouts - 19 photos of the 2008 Cav Reunion in Cincinatti, OH
Beasley, Herb D 1965-67 Slick Door Gunner - shares 346 photos in a Slide Show with Bob Tegelman
Baisden, Randy F 1972 Light Scout Platoon Platoon Sergeant- 29 photos
Borey, Don F 1971-72 Photo Album of 33 photos of his tour as a Cobra Pilot
Bossory, David D 1967-68 Photo Album of 160 photos of his tour as an Aerorifleman and Door Gunner.
Boyd, William J "Bill" D 1966-67 LRRPs (7 Photos)
Burgess, Lee H. "Smokey" D 1967-68 Combined photos from Burgess and Walter Cooke (176 photos)
Byrd, Dwight L. D 1965-67 OH-23 Crew Chief. 55 photos. He will be sending more
Carrigan, Pat D 1968 Aerorifle Platoon 1968 (10 Photos)
Clark, Norman D 1967-68 Door Gunner, Hog Gunships 1967-68 (19 Photos) Norm created this Slideshow
Cooke, Walter D 1967-68 Combined photos from Cooke and Lee Burgess (176 Photos)
Delvy, Frank D 1966-67 Gunpilot & Opns Off - 24 photos in a Slideshow
Dunbar, Robert D 1966-67 Gunpilot - 287 photos in a Slideshow
Fegette, Tim D 1968-69 LOH Scout Pilot - 9 Photos
Filiatreault, Jim D 1968-1969 40 slides of his and Mike Galloway
Fletcher, Rolland D 1968- 5 slides of his Centaur Tour
Forringer, Robert D 1969-70 Photo Album has 17 photos.
Galloway, Michael J D 1968-1969 40 slides of his and Jim Filiatreault
Gardner, Woody D 1967 69 photos incl McMurtry, Lily, Bennett, Hawthrone,
Gouge, Glen D 1968-1969 19 photos incl 4 Nov 68 Extraction
Graham, Robert D 1966-67 Gunpilot and Opns Off - 404 photos in a Slideshow
Gray, Johnny D 1969 73 photos
Griffin, Jeffery T. D 1971-72 17 photos - SP5 Cantu, Don Phillips, Gilbert Medina, Hubert McMinn, Pat Broaderick
Halliday, Jeffery "Jeff" "Doc" D 1967-68 Gunpilot Hvy Scouts - 149 photos in a Slideshow
Harrison, Brian "Stretch" F 1972-73 Slick Door Gunner, 44 photos in a Photo Album. Hue; Firebase TBone; Tan My; Camp Eagle;Keirsey; Neal; Moose
Hatfield, Gary D 1965-66 Slick Pilot - 199 photos in a Slideshow
Hoag, Jim D 1970-71 Cobra Crew Chief - 78 photos including R Jones, Conniff, Schmidt, Pennington, Grimm, Yates, Phillips
Huff, Steven P. D 1966 44 photos of his 1966 tour as a Company Clerk with D Troop.
Jones, Gary D 1969 LOH Scout Pilot - 37 photos in a Photo Album
Jones, Robert "Bob" F 1971-72 Cobra Pilot - 196 photos in a Photo Album
Kelly, John D 1967-68 Artillery Forward Observer - 42 photos in a Slide Show
Kreil, Jim D 1969 LOH Crew Chief - 89 photos in a Photo Album
Lange, Thomas "TJ" D 1967-68 Crew Chief of Gunship 462 - 361 slides in a Slideshow
LaRich, Nick D 1967-68 Maintenance Recovery Crew Chief. Photo Album of 8 photos
Maxey, Robert F 1971-72 Opns NCO - Lia Khe; Hamilton; LRRPs-Rucker,Whitley,Simon,Saley; Maye; Phoenix Program; Petrie; An Loc; Loc Ninh; Griffin; Craney; AH-1G Crash
McCourt Joseph "Joe" F 1972-73 16 photos of last days of the Centaurs in Nam
McIntyre, Daniel "Dan" D/F 1970-71 During Transition from D to F Troop
Meece, Mac H. D 1966
Moose, Wayne F 1972-73 LOH Scout Crew Chief - 267 Photos in a Slideshow
Nixon, Alvin "Al" D 1964-69 Two tours with Trp D (Air) Infantry Plt. 1964 – 1967. Second tour as Plt Sgt 1969.
Nemeyer, Jack M.   1970 Jack served as Slick CE on #850 and #224 "The Pinball Wizard", and Line Chief (10/69 to 10/70)
Patterson, Larry D 1967-68  
Peake, Michael D 1972-73 141 photos of his F Troop Tour 8:50 min
Peterson, Craig D 1972-73 32 photos of his D Troop Tour in Photo Album
Ponzillo, Mark D 1966 LRRP's and LRRP Training
Powell,Bruce NOTES D 1967-68 69 slides of his Gun Platoon notes from Aug 67 to Oct 67.
Prosser, Eugene K. "Gene" D 1966-67 Slick Platoon Leader and Troop XO
Pyburn, James L. "Reb" D 1965-67 Photo Album 6 photos: Herbert Beasley, Jerry Parks, Donald Moore, Hamil Millsaps, William Shipley, Amadeo R. Lara, Robert Tegelman
Reese, Fred W, D 1970-71 Slick Crew Chief & Unit Armorer; 117 photos of his tour
Riniker, Linford "Lin" F 1972 Armament Repairman, 17 photos of his tour
Rowbotham, Tim (LRRP) D 1968 250 photos of his tour as a LRRP in a Slideshow
Schmidt, Gary M. D 1970-71 Cobra Crew Chief; 16 photos of his tour
Slater, Reginald J. "Reggie" D 1966-67 Crew Chief gunship 461 has 273 photos in a Slideshow
Squires, Myron E. "Mike" D 1966-67 Centaur 30 Aerorifle Platoon Commander -104 photos in a Slideshow
Stanley, Chester F. D 1969-70 LOH Cobra Crew Chief; 108 photos of his tour
Taylor, John L. F 1971-72 Cobra Pilot; 148 photos of his tour
Taylor, Robert F. D 1967-68 Crew Chief Gunship 444 has 425 photos in a Slide Show
Tegelman, Robert D 1965-66 Aerorifleman he and Herb Beasley share 346 photos in a Slide Show
Tolle, Steve D 1964-67 135 photos in a Slide Show
Vaughn, Mike D 1967 23 photos during his tour as Crew Chief of Slick 661
Vaughn, Terry D 1967 Pictures during his tour in Maintenance and as Crew Chief of 65-09659
Waite, Warren D 1968-69 Pictures during his tour as a Cobra Crew Chief and Line Chief
Walt, James R. "Jim" D 1969-70 Pictures during his tour as a Light Scout (OH-6A) Observer
Walsh, Gerald D 1967-68 Flt Opns NCO and 1SG - 55 photos in a Slideshow
Whitmoyer, Bill D 1967-68 OH-23 Crew Chief - 117 photos in a Slideshow
Williams, Rick D 1967-68 Heavy Scout Gun Pilot - 29 photos in a Slideshow
Woods, Mike F 1971-72 Cobra Pilot - 20 photos in a Photo Album
Young, Terry F 1972-73 Scout Platoon Leader - 10 photos in a Photo Album
1970 YearBook D 1970 23 page Yearbook for F Troop, 4th Regiment - MAJ Grof Commander. Part of the 3/4 Cav, Squadron Yearbook
1971 YearBook - -Lai Khe F 1971 62 page Yearbook for F Troop, 4th Regiment - CPT(P) Gutierrez Commander
1971-72 YearBook F 1971-72 46 page Yearbook for F Troop, 4th Regiment - MAJ Spencer Commander
HISTORY Org Hq & Opns All Years Photos of Headquarters and Flight Operations