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War Stories

3/4 Cav Reunion 2016

3 August to 7 August 2016 in Harrisburg, PA

Centaur Attendance Roster, 3/4 Cav Attendance Roster, Harrisburg Map, Dawn Patrol Round Table, Hobo Woods Round Table, Ideas

If you haven't conveyed your intentions to attend, please do so now, by sending an email to John Moore (



Here is how to sign up and register Note that primary hotel is full


The intent of this discussion page is to better coordinate our efforts to make this next 3/4 Cav reunion the best ever. The primary mission of the reunion is to have a good time with old friends. This always happens, big time. The more Centaurs that attend, the more opportunities there are for rekindling old friendships and memories.

A secondary mission of the reunion has been to gather more data, photos, stories, videos and such to continue to build our great Centaur Legacy in the form of the Centaurs in Vietnam website.

Email notes concerning the reunion will be posted here.

53 Centaurs Currently signed up as of 20 July 2016

Centaur Attendance Roster

agendaAdkins, Dwain
Allcock, KC
Allen, Stan
Bacon, Cary
Banks, Michael
Beasley, Herb
Brady, Robert
Branham, Terry
Burns, Carl
Byrd, Dwight
Catania, Russ
Cooper, Harlan
Cowell, Bain
Craig, Jack
Deist, Harold
Denison, Richard
Dow, Dale
Dunbar, Robert
Filiatreault, James
Fleming, Tom
Forringer, Bob
Gentile, Joe............LRRP
Huff, Steve........ .....A Trp
Jenkins, Martin
Kreil, Jim
LaRich, Nick
Larson, Warren
Lilly, Oris
Marcinkowski, Moose
Mrkvicka, William.....LRRP
Menzl, Al
Messina, Jim
Mosenthal, Bill
Nixon, Al
Owen, Joe
Peed, Charles
Peterson, Jim (escorted by Daughter Lynn Mobley)
Powell, Bruce
Richardson, Larry
Siegel, Mike
Slater, Reggie
Stanley, Chester
Stenehjem, George
Taylor, Robert
Tegelman, Robert
Tunstall, Phillip
Walt, Jim
Watkins, William
Whitehead, John
Williams, Rick
Wood, Barney


Dawn Patrol Round Table

Take a look at the Dawn Patrol Mission Discussion page. Lots of discussion already.

Joe Owen, Scout Platoon Leader and Aerorifle Platoon Commander (1968-69) and long time supporter of the Centaur Legacy, is suggesting that we get serious about having a formal meeting at the Harrisburg, PA Reunion of those interested in the "Dawn Patrol" missions. It would start with an opening free style discussion that would be audio taped. Once all memory cells are in order we would then do a video taped conference based loosely on the audio session. Other 3/4 Cav members, like Jerry Headly, have expressed an interest in telling about their involvement with the Dawn Patrol missions. We may be able to talk journalist and photographer Jerry Jarvis into assisting with this.

There are other War Story events that would be worthy of doing this kind of thing, like the An Duc Extraction for example, but would be totally dependent on the level of preplanned attendance, and a volunteer to honcho it.

Signed up so far: Joe Owen, Carl Burns, Bruce Powell, Stan Allen, Jerry Headley,


Hobo Woods Battle 29 Jan 1968 Round Table

Take a look at the Battle of the Hobo Woods page. Bill Mosenthal will be there to have a discussion about the battle. Email him.

Ideas to make the Reunion Better - add your thoughts

Bruce Powell:

Preschedule individual times for the Video Shoot in advance of the Reunion.

Assign a sponsor to Centaur First Timers

Need volunteers for Video Shoot and to do website demos. Call or email me.

Nick LaRich:

Some type of get together with the first time attendees i.e., cocktail hour, breakfast.