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Prek Klok


Pat Eastes, Kelly's Book, Websites, Topo Map, Sketch Map, Tom Fleming, Michael Banks


This was a remote Airfield, POL, and Fire Support Base in War Zone C between Nui Ba Den and Katum. Many email notes spell it differently (Prec Loc, Prec Lock, etc) but the Topo map and Kelley's book show it as Prek Klok.

Pat Eastes: (1967-68) Prek Klok was a real shithole, along with Katum. Those places made you really glad that you went through flight school, instead of becoming a cannon cocker.

Michael Kelley's book, Where We Were in Vietnam" has a bunch of listings for Prek Klok:

Prek Klok (XT 270-780) Along Rte 4 apx 14 km SSW Katum, 21 km due N Nui Ba Den and 30 km NNE Tay Ninh. Site of Battle of Prek Klok I, 28Feb67, during Op Junction City. B/ 1st/16th Inf, 1st Inf Div fighting 2d Bn, 101st NVA Rgt, 9th VC Div. 25 US KIA, 28 WIA. SF Det 54. Arty Base II nearby, as was ARVN FSB Cayalya. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps. 

Prek Klok, FSB (XT 288-815) Along TL-4, apx 10 km SSW Katum AF and 23 km N Nui Ba Den. Dec67. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps. 

Prek Klok Airfield (XT 275-787) Along Rte 4, apx 14 km SSW Katum, 21 km due N Nui Ba Den and 30 km NNE Tay Ninh. Listed as “Insecure, abnd, 30Nov67, AF # VA3-288,” in Aug69 TAD per Frank Penk, Jr. Not in Feb73 TAD. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps. 

Prek Klok II, Battle of (XT 27-78?) Generally along Rte 4, apx 14 km SSW Katum, 21 km due N Nui Ba Den and 30 km NNE Tay Ninh. 10-11Mar67, during Op Junction City. 2/2d Inf/1st Div was at FSPB II apx 32 km NE Tay Ninh near Prek Klok stream when at 2208 hrs, VC initiated mortar attack followed by US counter bty/recon-by-fire and then VC grnd assault. By midnight battle was over. 197 NVA KIA and 5 US WIA. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps. 

Prek Klok River (XT) Runs through War Zone C from NW to SE, forming S edge of Iron Triangle and joining Song Saigon at Iron T’s SE corner, S of Ben Cat about 25 km N Saigon. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps. 

Prek Klok SF Camp (XT 270-780) Along Rte 4 apx 14 km SSW Katum, 21 km due N Nui Ba Den and 30 km NNE Tay Ninh. 5th SF. Closed and moved to Katum through Trang Sup. Info/grid per SF Order of Battle. Tay Ninh Pr, III Corps.

Michael Banks, (1966-67): I have both of my tactical maps from my tour (50 years old next year), still in the plastic covers with the grease pencil scribblings intact. Below is a photo showing my last mission-specific operational checkpoints and radio freqs. Also even show the traffic pattern for landing Prek Klok to avoid the artillery battery in place to the Southeast of the strip, if I remember correctly.


Additonal info is found at: - The Battles of Prek Klok (1 & 2) - Operation Junction City 1967



Mission Related to Prek Klok:

Pedro HH-43 Tom Fleming: A LRRP team that was compromised in War Zone C NE of Tay Ninh and SE of the SF Camp at Prek Klok in Dec 1967.  On that mission the LRRP team had one individual who they reported could no longer walk and they were being pursued.  They were frantic and thought their situation was hopeless.  I told them to make a travois and drag him along to a bomb crater about 2 Km away (the only opening in the jungle available).  I attempted to get a Med Evac with an H Model out of Dau Tieng to come and hoist them out of the crater.  They refused and then said they could only take the injured LRRP not the team, which would have fully compromised the team.  Stable Boy had a hoist but not enough power to pick up the 5 men.  We went to the Air Force and they said they were sending a Jolly Green to assist, but had to divert it to rescue a downed AF pilot up north, but did sent two HH-43 "Huskie" rescue helicopters (call sign "Pedro").  They came on station and were briefed on how our gunships (eight I seem to remember) would fly a daisy chain around them while the extracted the LRRPs.  The extraction came off without a hitch.  The AF dropped them off at Prek Klok and went back to Tan Son Nhut AB.  We picked them up at Prek Klok and brought them to Tay Ninh where when they un loaded it was observed that no one had any problem walking.