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UH1D Centaur Aircraft Tail Numbers - UH-1D

by Michael Peake
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UH-1D Slicks - Troop Carriers - see photos
AC Model Tail Number Buy Date Begin Unit Begin Hours Finish In Unit Finish Hours Total Hours Remarks (note: MASN = Military Aircraft Serial Numbers-1908 to Present)
UH-1D 64-13757 865 6810 1195 6810 1250 55 D Troop.
UH-1D 65-09607   6712 0 6712 0 0 D Troop.
UH-1D 65-09658 266 6808 1445 6810 1615 170 D Troop.
UH-1D 65-09659 266 6808 1584 6810 1759 175 D Troop.
UH-1D 65-09660   266        

D Troop. PFC Amadeo R. Lara, Jr, UH-1 Crew Chief D Troop 1965-67, served as crew chief of UH-1D 65-09660 during his tour. Dale Dow’s Centaur Aircraft 66-73 Excel Database #2 shows UH-1D 65-09660 4 Mar 67 Accident with crew Pilot Captain Haskel P. Stone, Aircraft Commander WO1 Fred L. Anderson, Crew Chief SP5 James Michael "Mike" Vaughn and Door Gunner Roger D. (R.) Wilcox. Executed the flare late on the landing approach. The tail boom and stinger struck the ground, then struck a second time much harder. The tail rotor assembly broke off the aircraft rolled off skid mounts. Suspect engine malfunction.

James "Mike" Vaughn, former crew chief of UH-1D Huey #65-09661, indicates UH-1D Huey #65-09660 was lost in a crash in The Devil"s Playground. In February 2013, James Mike Vaughn recalled "My helicopter crew, 65-9660, was the one that brought the VC that killed Spencer [James "Jimmy" Price Spencer] back to the troop area. Spencer was the first person to be killed, that I knew personally, since my joining the troop. He was killed on my wife"s birthday. After we crashed 660"I became crew chief on 661. Flying in the seat where he was killed, & the 3 patched bullet holes above my head, was a constant reminder of that terrible day. MASN for 1965 shows: Bell UH-1D Iroquois 65-09660 Delivered to US Army February 1966. 114th Assault Helicopter Company "Knights of the Air," Vinh Long, South Vietnam August 72-October 74. Converted to UH-1H. Written off April 15, 1977. "

UH-1D 65-09661 266 6808 1606 6903 1996 390 D Troop. In Memoriam Page shows Corporal James "Jimmy" Price Spencer, age 26, was serving as door gunner on UH-1D Huey #65-09661, when killed in action by small arms fire January 24, 1967 during his third Vietnam tour. Major Myron E. "Mike" Squires was aircraft commander and SP5 James L. "Reb" Pyburn was the crew chief.


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D Troop. "Stable Boy." This aircraft, piloted by Major Richard W. Thomas and Major Nicholas H. Doiron, was designated as a maintenance and recovery ship utilized during operations in case an aircraft went down. Flying on station above the troop mission, "Stable Boy, crewed by a crew chief, gunner, a technical observer and a medic, observed the mission flight and if an aircraft went down, they would land near the stricken bird to provide assistance, depending on the situation. If the aircraft could be quickly repaired for flight, that was accomplished. If otherwise, the crew would be evacuated receiving treatment if wounded, all ordnance would be stripped and the aircraft would be recovered at a later time.

CPT Gary L. Hatfield, Slick Pilot D Troop 1965-66, provides photograph of him sitting in the left seat of UH-1D 65-09662 in 1966. Dale Dow’s Centaur Aircraft 66-73 Excel Database #2 shows UH-1D 65-09662 Accident 4 August 68. No crew identified. The aircraft had been on a mission for about one hour and returned to Cu Chi to discharge their passengers. The pilot received clearance from the tower and started to apply power for takeoff. As the aircraft became light on its skids, it slid on the PSP pad to the right rear. As the aircraft reached the edge of the pad, the right rear skid shoe caught on a raised portion of the PSP. The rear cross was forced up through the main body of the helicopter. The aircraft started to settle to the right rear so the pilot applied full left forward cyclic to prevent a rotor strike. The gunner, who was not strapped in, was thrown from the aircraft but was not injured. A fuel bladder was ruptured and fuel was leaking from the aircraft. The pilot shut the aircraft down and the crew got clear of the ship. The crash truck arrived and applied foam to the danger area. MASN for 1965 shows: Bell UH-1D Iroquois 65-09662 converted to UH-1H. Transferred to USMC as 659662 then to civil registry as N395M.

UH-1D 65-09663 266 6809 1348 6810 1520 172 D Troop. Dale Dow’s Centaur Aircraft 66-73 Excel Database #2 shows UH-1D 65-09663 Damaged—loss to Theater (Returned CONUS) 4 November 68. During An Duc Extraction-4 Nov. 1968, four UH-1Ds were destroyed or damaged during the operation, including UH-1D #65-09663, recovered to CONUS. MASN for 1965 shows: Bell UH-1D Iroquois 65-09663 registered as N980AS September 18, 2008 and transferred to Yemen Air Force January 2011.
UH-1D 66-00803 1066 6811 1967 6904 2326 359 D Troop. MASN for 1966 shows: UH-1D 66-00803 served with 501st Aviation Battalion, 71st Assault Helicopter Company, 151st Transportation Detachment, 99th Signal Detachment ("Rattler/Firebird") July 1967 to April 1968.


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??-??159             D Troop. Daniel L. "Dan" Mcintyre Photo Album Image #32 shows UH-1D #159 "Ethel's Ambulance" in D Troop hanger at Cu Chi 1970.
UH-1D 66-01165 167 6808 914 6810 1050 136 D Troop. Dale Dow’s Centaur Aircraft 66-73 Excel Database #2 shows UH-1D 66-01165 Combat Damage, Repaired 20th Transportation 4 November 68. During the An Duc Extraction-4 Nov. 1968, four UH-1Ds were destroyed or damaged during the operation, including UH-1D 66-01165 that was damaged, recovered and repaired in country. MASN for 1966 shows: UH-1D 66-01165 converted to UH-1H; Transferred to Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center, Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona as XS0390 April 10, 1995; Noted stored at Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona March 28, 2006.
UH-1D 66-17086 1267 6809 827 6809 912 85 D Troop.

NOTE: All data acquired from images found in the Centaur List of Photo Albums, Slide Shows, Yearbooks, My Page entries and Rosters War Stories Essays/Discussions, are cross referenced with chart provided by VHPA found in War Stories Discussions-Centaur Aircraft Tail Numbers augmented by a database of unknown origin provided by Tom Dooling.

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