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The National Vietnam War Memorial
and Memorial Gardens

Fort Wolters (Mineral Wells), Texas

It is a long way for those of us on the West Coast to go back East and experience "The Wall". But did you know that The Wall has been duplicated, a smaller but nicely done version, in Texas. Yes, none other than a place most of you are familiar with, Fort Wolters, Texas (Mineral Wells).

The effort and money put into this place is truly amazing.

Centaur Rick Williams found it a couple years ago and saw to it that our units, D and F Troops, received some recognition. See his article from the VHPA Magazine below. Way to go Rick!HoldStone

It is a long way from the San Antonio Reunion site, but well worth the change of course enroute. You might think about it.

I've included some links at the bottom that will tell you more. My hope is that someday we will see the black Centaur Logo represented there as well. - bap

Rick Williams' Memo (Published in the VHPA Magazine):
One day last July (2010) I took a trip over to the old Fort Wolters. It was the first time I had been back since I left the Army from there in November 1969. We drove around the old post and I took several photos of the older buildings. When we got back on the highway to return to Garland, we stumbled onto The National Vietnam War Museum and Memorial Gardens. The Visitor's Center wasn't open but we enjoyed visiting the grounds. I was surprised by the small number of Vietnam units that had a commemorative stone placed in their memorial garden.

I contacted some of the pilots from my old unit, and 10 of us chipped in $41.00 each to have a stone made for our unit, the 3/4th Cav. I've attached a photo of the stone in the hopes that this picture will inspire other units to follow our example.

Last, I was really glad to see the story in the Sep/Oct issue (VHPA Magazine) where they are going to remodel the main gate entrance into the old Fort Wolters. This is a much needed improvement and it also deserves everyone's support.

Rick Williams, Garland, Texas
email: rickwilli@gmail.comStone


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