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Find Out where Centaurs Were
using Google Mapping products.

by Carl Betsill

Google Earth and Google Earth Pro are free geospatial software applications that display a virtual globe of the Earth. They offer the ability to analyze and capture geographical data. Click here to see a video of how it works. You may be surprised how easy it is.

Google Earth Pro, for computers and Google Earth and Google Maps for tablets and phones can all locate current areas in Vietnam. You will probably want to activate “satellite view” if using Maps. The most obvious locations, for example major towns like Tay Ninh and larger air bases like Tan Son Nhut, can be easily found by just entering the name or coordinates in the search bar. More remote areas are difficult to locate and requires looking at Vietnam era military maps and translating the coordinates into something your mapping application can read. This varies depending on the application.

Refer to the many Vietnam War era photos in our War Stories and other areas of the Centaur website and compare them to how things look now using Google Earth. If you want to download a Topo Map (old) click here.

To make things simple we have located many features of interest to the Centaurs and placed them on a Map Locator page. It provides coordinates that will work in any of the three Google mapping products.

On the Map Locator page, select the coordinates you are interested in and cut and paste them into Google Earth

To use these just type in the coordinates provided in the table (click here for table) or even simpler just copy and paste the coordinates into your search bar. The program will then take you to the proper location and give you a view of what that areas looks like today. Remember, things look a lot different today than they did 50 years ago. If you have an area you would like to find and can’t locate, let us know.

Click here to go to the Map Locations page.