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TAPE 1. Service Platoon: Spring 1967 Description of a Squadron operation (2 Cav Trps, 1 Mec Inf Co. & D Trp) North West of Go Da Hau. Comments on attempting to keep helicopters flyable after heavy operations.

TAPE 2. Service Platoon: Early Summer 1967 (Monsoon Season) Troop area conditions & challenges when afloat. Support of LRRP & Squadron operations. Use of 3 million CP flares.

TAPE 3. Service Platoon: May 1967. Operation involving B Troop. New SMG (Chapman). Service Plat flight support uses. House keeping my tent. Chu Chi PX & logistics situation. Personal protection bunkers.

Tape 4. Troop Cmd.: October 3 1967, Troop Operations, Support of Vietnamese General Elections. Night Convoy Security operations, preparation and successes of night convoy operations. Optimism on success of current tactical situation.

TAPE 5. Service Platoon: Late summer 1967. Night Flare missions. Results of Tactical operations vicinity Chu Chi. Comments on ARVN. MEDCAPs. Positive outlook on progress of defeating Viet Cong

TAPE 6. Troop Cmd. November 1967. Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol team employment, insertion & extraction.

TAPE 7. Troop Cmd. Nov 1967: Troop Commander’s lament. Bad day everything goes wrong.

TAPE 8. Troop Cmd. Early Dec 1967: Kilowatts are happiness. Anticipation of February personnel turnover. Key personnel turnover issues & impacts. Quality of Officer and Warrant Officer’s and Flight Crews pulling the load. Evaluation of morale of everyone in D Troop