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War Stories

Rifle Team Destroys V.C. Med Supplies



Vol 1 - No 36 - 28 Oct 1966

Five bags of rice spotted on a rice paddy dike led to the destruction of Viet Cong medical supplies by the Aero Rifle Team, D Trp., 3rd Sqdn., 4th Cav.

Spotting the bags of rice from the air, the rifle platoon landed to investigate. After a quick search, it discovered the cleverly camouflaged VC aid stations in two different groups of trees about 190 yards apart.

Although it made no contact the team did find eight medical first aid kits, eight tunnel head lamps, one rifle, two VC flags and miscellaneous documents.

Returning the following morning, the rifle team destroyed the aid stations with explosives. While sweeping the area for a third station, D Trp. encountered two VC hiding in heavy underbrush.
Both surrendered without a fight.