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War Stories

Join LRRP!



Vol 2 - No 20 - 22 May 1967

If you can hide in grass for an hour with 15 VC less than 15 meters from you without giving away your presence, as a LRRP team did recently, call the Leapfrog switchboard. Ask for Delta and then for the LRRP. They are looking for men like you.

You'll train hard and long. The training will be both physical and mental. You'll learn to detect hidden booby traps, disarm them and assemble traps yourself.

You will be specifically trained in one area and cross-trained in several other areas.

After long days of training and learning to work with a team, you will start your job finding and watching enemy's movements, seeing the enemy without being seen.

You will become a member of the elite Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol, better known as LRRP.
LRRP is now looking for men who would like to join the team. Volunteers must be above average in military subjects, proficient in map reading, physically fit and able to swim.

Infantrymen with Ranger, Airborne or Recondo training are preferred. However, men without such training can be accepted.

Volunteers will be accepted on a two week attachment. If they don't meet the LRRP qualifications, they will be sent back to their units.