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War Stories

Photo Story "Hard Core" - LOH 1968

Charlie Rice and Charlie Meyer

This is a PhotoStory, meaning the photo creates the story. What can you add to the story of the LOH "Hard Core"


14 Jan 2014
From Charlie Rice, Light Scout Platoon Leader -1968

Charlie Meyer was my crew chief on "Hard Core" and I loved the guy like a brother.

When the Snakes did the shark's teeth I decided to let each scout crew pick out a name and put it on their ship.

Charlie and I discussed Hard Core vs. Hard Corps and mutually agreed on the former which I painted on the ship.

Charlie generated the name and put it to me for us to discuss. Having done the brain part he elected to have me do the grunt work. He was a flamboyant East Coast guy and car guy so we got along well.

In over 500 hours of scouting in that ship we only took one hit in a rotor blade that was self inflicted on a sharp break which his numb nut pilot made when we received fire. " For Christ's sake LT. call the break !"

I destroyed everyone else's ships when mine was otherwise occupied in maintenance; but old Hard Core had the Juju to bring us home.

I had an LOH that Steve Patterson/ SP5 Kooyman flew that was named "Patches". It had numerous bullet patches on it each of which had a full color band aid painted on it.

I forget the crews name on another ship named "Rocinante" after Don Quixote' Horse, and the last one I remember was "Magnet Ass" again crew names have left my brain as has the third grade following a major sneeze at an advanced age.