Bob Tegelman & Herb Beasley

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B/T-001 B. Tegelman with captured 1903 Springfield Rifle
B/T-002 Bob Tegelman and 1903 Springfield Rifle
B/T-003 Capture 1903 Springfield Rifle
B/T-004 John Carson with M-60, on ground M-16 and 1903 Springfield Rifle
B/T-005 L-R Carson w/ M-60, Rivera w/ M-16, Tegelman w/ 1903 Springfield
B/T-006 Tegelman w/ 1903 Springfield and J. Carson
B/T-007 Unknown Medic and Tegelman w/ 1903 Springfield
B/T-008 LT. Alto and B. Tegelman w/ 1903 Springfield
B/T-009 SP/4 Herb Beasley door gunner standing by AC#661 CE Donald Moore in background
B/T-010 New 3/4 Cav Barracks 1978 at Schofield Barracks Hawaii
B/T-011 3/4 Cav sign 1978 Schofield Barracks Hawaii
B/T-012 Coconut Tree in Hawaii
B/T-013 Entrance to Schofield Barracks 1965
B/T-014 Foote Gate entrance to Schofield Barracks Hawaii 1965
B/T-015 Mountains by KoleKole Pass Hawaii 1965
B/T-016 Mountains by KoleKole Pass Hawaii 1965
B/T-017 Mountains by KoleKole Pass Hawaii 1965
B/T-018 37ft Iron Cross erected 1962 in KoleKole Pass Hawaii 1965
B/T-019 Near KoleKole Pass
B/T-020 25th Inf Div Museum Schofield Barracks 1965
B/T-021 Museum 1965
B/T-022 Museum 1965
B/T-023 Wolfhound Barracks 1965 or 1966
B/T-024 D Troop area 1965
B/T-025 D Troop Mess Hall picnic out side Mess Hall 1965
B/T-026 PFC Tegelman inspection (junk on the bunk) Hawaii 1965
B/T-027 Hawaii inspection Saturday morning junk on the bunk
B/T-028 SGT Leroy Factora holding condoms Hawaii 1965
B/T-029 PFC Beasley showing off muscles 1965
B/T-030 PFC Tegelman showing off his massive chest
B/T-031 Field training area Hawaii
B/T-032 Field training area Hawaii
B/T-033 Field training area, Kara Village Hawaii
B/T-034 Kara Village training area Hawaii
B/T-035 Kara Village
B/T-036 Kara Village
B/T-037 A-B-C- or HQ Troop in Kara Village
B/T-038 Kara Village Hawaii
B/T-039 PFC Rexroat
B/T-040 Bob Tegelman making coffee. D Troop lived in Kara Village as Vietnamese and would mess with A-B-C- and HQ all night long as VC
B/T-041 Tegelman with candle. The only light we could have at night
B/T-042 PFC Rains Left D Troop in late Feb. 1966 for OCS
B/T-043 Motor Pool Hawaii
B/T-044 Herb Beasley doing handstand on footlocker in Hawaii 1965
B/T-045 Leon Rivera Hawaii
B/T-046 Bob Tegelman Kara Village Hawaii
B/T-047 Vietnamese waving bye
B/T-048 HWY 1 to Saigon, convoy to steal some goodies from the Air Force
B/T-049 HWY 1 going back to Cu Chi
B/T-050 Back streets of Saigon
B/T-051 Back streets of Saigon
B/T-052 Streets of Saigon
B/T-053 Streets of Saigon
B/T-054 Saigon
B/T-055 Saigon
B/T-056 PX Saigon
B/T-057 Tan Son Nhut Air Base
B/T-058 Saigon
B/T-059 Beer Garden Cu Chi
B/T-060 Entrance to Cu Chi
B/T-061 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-062 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-063 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-064 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-065 The Roads of Cu Chi
B/T-066 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-067 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-068 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-069 Vietnam aerial view
B/T-070 Vietnam aerial view
B/T-071 Rice Paddies
B/T-072 Saigon
B/T-073 Street vendor in Saigon
B/T-074 Saigon
B/T-075 Saigon
B/T-076 Saigon
B/T-077 Buildings along HWY 1
B/T-078 Aero Rifles guarding bridge on HWY 1
B/T-079 Buildings on HWY 1
B/T-080 Buildings on HWY 1
B/T-081 Vietnamese on HWY 1
B/T-082 Cu Chi down town
B/T-083 L-R door gunners SP/4 Walker, SP/4 Beasley, and SP/4 Kramarczyk partying with hard liquor only for E-5 and above
B/T-084 Early D Troop area
B/T-085 D Troop Hooches
B/T-086 L-R Jackie Frith and John Carson at our first showers
B/T-087 L-R Watkins and Beasley just got off KP duty
B/T-088 Bob Tegelman
B/T-089 Bob Tegelman
B/T-090 L-R SGT Strickland, Mike Kramarczyk, Stegner, Beasley
B/T-091 L-R Tegelman and Strickland
B/T-092 L-R Tegelman and Beasley
B/T-093 Big guns behind D Troop Hooches
B/T-094 Centaur Coral
B/T-095 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-096 USO Saigon
B/T-097 Saigon River Villages
B/T-098 Saigon River
B/T-099 Down town Saigon
B/T-100 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-101 LRRP Pet Snake having dinner
B/T-102 LRRP Pet Snake
B/T-103 Peaceful night on flight line
B/T-104 Open market in Saigon
B/T-105 Main street in Saigon
B/T-106 Aero Rifle Platoon boarding Helicopters for a new mission
B/T-107 SGT Rivera and White Mice ready to board
B/T-108 Gun Ship Door gunner SGT Ralph Apo in background CE Amadeo. Lara AC#660
B/T-109 Door gunner SGT R. Apo
B/T-110 CW2 Michael Banks Checking Mortar damage
B/T-111 Mortar damage
B/T-112 CE SP/4 Charles Wilson pointing to mortar damage above his name almost dotting the i
B/T-113 Mortar Damage
B/T-114 White tape around un-exploded mortar round
B/T-115 Mortar Damage
B/T-116 Mortar damage to sandbags protecting Helicopters
B/T-117 L-R Door gunners H. Beasley and SP/4 Larry Carroll in bunker after mortar attack
B/T-118 Sp/4 Bob Tegelman and SSG AL Nixon in bunker after mortar attack
B/T-119 SP/4 Bob Tegelman walking on pallet sidewalk by hooch
B/T-120 SP/4 Bob Tegelman showing off is locker in Aero Rifle Platoon Hooch
B/T-121 Cu Chi Garbage Dump
B/T-122 On the way to dump
B/T-123 Villagers looking for us to throw food off of garbage truck
B/T-124 CH-47 Chinook
B/T-125 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-126 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-127 Centaurs in flight
B/T-128 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-129 Somewhere in Vietnam
B/T-130 Vietnam Landscape
B/T-131 Vietnam Landscape
B/T-132 Vietnam Landscape
B/T-133 25th Headquarters
B/T-134 D Troop Area
B/T-135 Beer Garden at Cu Chi near PX
B/T-137 EM Club
B/T-139 Marching to the Danny Kay and Vikki Carr show
B/T-140 Waiting for the show to start
B/T-141 Waiting for the show to start
B/T-142 CE SP/5 James Pyburn AC# 661
B/T-143 WO Adrin Sipple showing off Handlebar Mustache
B/T-144 Motar Damage
B/T-145 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-146 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-147 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-148 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-149 Centaurs in flight
B/T-150 Rice Paddies
B/T-151 Aero Rifle Platoon Mission over Back to Base Camp
B/T-152 Mission Over
B/T-153 Aero Rifle Platoon exiting Helicopter
B/T-154 Lift off after inserting Aero Rifle Platoon
B/T-155 Mortar Damage
B/T-156 Getting some rest in bunker after Mortar Attack
B/T-157 Ammo Bunker
B/T-158 Cu Chi Garbage Dump
B/T-159 House on road to garbage dump
B/T-160 Centaur Corral
B/T-161 Aerial view of Vietnam
B/T-162 Saigon River
B/T-163 Beasley on the way for a shower in background Vietnamese working on new Mess Hall
B/T-164 Building New Mess Hall
B/T-165 New Mess Hall
B/T-166 Chapel
B/T-167 SGT Strickland and Monkey
B/T-168 L-R unknown Medic, PFC Allen Legg
B/T-169 Building Hooches
B/T-170 Building floor of Hooch, mortar attack in background
B/T-171 Vietnam Landscape
B/T-172 Farm house along HWY 1 going in convoy to Saigon
B/T-173 Stopped a 55 Ford on HWY 1, it was full of ammo. One helicopter landed in front to stop it and another in the rear. Rice paddies were on both sides of the road.
B/T-174 LT Alto calling in to in on what to do
B/T-175 Guarding road
B/T-176 Checking ammo out in Ford
B/T-177 Checking Ford out
B/T-178 Beasley, ready to fly
B/T-179 Checking all male villagers 8 to 80 years old
B/T-180 Still checking villagers
B/T-181 Villagers all check out let go
B/T-182 Waiting for pick-up
B/T-183 Pick-up and headed back to Cu Chi
B/T-184 Picked up on our way back
B/T-185 Bob Tegelman in hooch
B/T-186 Door Gunner SP/4 Mike Kramarczyk ready to rumble
B/T-187 Beasley writing home
B/T-188 SGT Stegner relaxing in hooch
B/T-189 SGT Stegner
B/T-190 L-R Mike Kramarczyk’s Air Force buddy (name unknown) was scared he borrowed a steal pot to wear, he didn’t like our war zone he was playing with the big boys now. Second from left Mike Kramarczyk, James White, John Carson
B/T-191 Bob Tegelman ready for a mission
B/T-192 Hooches in D Troop
B/T-193 Watching a Air Strike North of Cu Chi
B/T-194 Door Gunner PFC James White enjoying a cold one
B/T-195 Little Bear Crash
B/T-196 PFC Bill Watkins in hooch
B/T-197 Kramarczyk on convoy duty
B/T-198 Beasley checking mortar damage
B/T-199 Stegner with un-exploded mortar round
B/T-200 Bob Tegelman with un-exploded mortar round
B/T-201 Un-exploded Mortar round
B/T-202 L-R Beasley, CPT Gary Brown, CPT Gary Hatfield, Kramarczyk
B/T-203 Tegelman pointing to Mortar Damage
B/T-204 Duane Dingman with his fuel truck
B/T-205 On Convoy standby
B/T-206 SGT Nixon sharing a cold drink with Vietnamese child while on Convoy standby
B/T-207 Vietnamese Mother and child
B/T-208 While on Convoy standby we had lots of visitors, some selling cold drinks
B/T-209 More visitors
B/T-210 L-R unknown, door gunner PFC James White, unknown
B/T-211 PFC Bill Watkins Aero Rifle Platoon Machine Gunner on new mission
B/T-212 L-R PFC Elza W. Tye, B. Tegelman
B/T-213 Vietnam from the air
B/T-214 Centaur Corral
B/T-215 CO. Col. Peterson
B/T-216 Col. Peterson listening while suspected VC in question
B/T-217 Bridge in VN
B/T-218 Saigon River
B/T-219 Saigon River
B/T-220 Centaurs in flight
B/T-221 SGT Bob Tegelman ready for next mission
B/T-222 The Bad Lands
B/T-223 Rice paddies
B/T-224 Convoy standby
B/T-225 Vietnamese Mother and child
B/T-226 Farms
B/T-227 Farm land
B/T-228 Farm land
B/T-229 Delta Region
B/T-230 Farm in VN
B/T-231 Delta farms
B/T-232 Vietnamese filling sand bags
B/T-233 Vietnamese filling sand bags
B/T-234 Vietnamese worker
B/T-235 Chapel
B/T-236 Track vehicle
B/T-237 Centaur corral
B/T-238 Vietnamese coming to work
B/T-239 VN village
B/T-240 Bridge over Saigon River
B/T-241 Centaur corral
B/T-242 Centaur Corral
B/T-243 HWY 1
B/T-244 VN Landscape
B/T-245 Centaur Corral
B/T-246 Black Virgin Mountain (Nui Ba Den)
B/T-247 Vn Landscape
B/T-248 VN Landscape
B/T-249 VN Landscape
B/T-250 VN Landscape
B/T-251 Rice Paddies
B/T-252 Cu Chi Base Camp
B/T-253 25th Medevac Hospital
B/T-254 Waiting to be picked up
B/T-255 Green smoke popped, safe for helicopters to land for pickup
B/T-256 Aero Rifle Platoon going back to base camp mission over
B/T-257 Rice Paddies
B/T-258 Pilots
B/T-259 B. Tegelman
B/T-260 VN Landscape
B/T-261 L-R B. Tegelman, Bill Watkins
B/T-262 Centaur Corral
B/T-263 Walking around in Village
B/T-264 Kids coming out to greet Aero Rifle Platoon
B/T-265 Kids watching us as we go by
B/T-266 Villagers just watching
B/T-267 Just a safe place for villagers to hide if gun fire starts
B/T-268 Bill Watkins checking Huts
B/T-269 Bob Tegelman checking Huts
B/T-270 Checking Huts
B/T-271 Vietnamese girl in village
B/T-272 Bob Tegelman picked up after Night ambush
B/T-273 Leon Rivera riding on top of PC after Night ambush
B/T-274 Small shops near main gate at Cu Chi
B/T-275 VN Landscape
B/T-276 SP/4 Beasley, CE SP/4 Hamil Millsaps
B/T-277 Pilots View
B/T-278 VN Town
B/T-279 VN Town
B/T-280 Donut Dollies
B/T-281 D Troop aera
B/T-282 VN Landscape
B/T-283 Centaurs in flight
B/T-284 Cu Chi base camp
B/T-285 L-R Stegner, ???, Rivera, Curtis Milbrook playing cards on Convoy standby
B/T-286 L-R SGT Strickland, ???, ???, ???, Elza Tye
B/T-287 Getting tin roofs and wood sides on hooch
B/T-288 Centaurs in flight
B/T-289 L-R Kramarczyk, ???, ??? tickling J. Carson
B/T-290 L-R Beasley, Tegelman, eating C-Rats on fuel truck while on convoy standby
B/T-291 Beasley trying to take a nap under fuel truck on convoy standby
B/T-292 Convoy Standby
B/T-293 Centaurs in flight
B/T-294 Convoy Standby
B/T-295 Convoy Standby
B/T-296 Building Hooches
B/T-297 L-R Jess Avila, B. Tegelman moving Hooch frame
B/T-298 L-R Jess Avila, Carson, Tegelman
B/T-299 L-R Jess Avila, Stegner, Tegelman
B/T-300 Moving Hooch Frame
B/T-301 Moving Hooch Frame
B/T-302 Oh shit! Dropped it
B/T-303 Plane crash in D Troop Area
B/T-304 Plane crash in D Troop Area
B/T-305 Plane crash in D Troop Area
B/T-306 Aero Rifle Platoon finds a tunnel
B/T-307 L-R Jess Avila, Al Nixon, LT. John Alto using TNT to blow a tunnel
B/T-308 L-R Shirely Strickland, Jess Avila, Al Nixon preparing to blow a VC tunnel
B/T-309 Tunnel explosion
B/T-310 What TNT does to a tunnel
B/T-311 Vietnamese Village
B/T-312 Vietnamese women from village washing clothes
B/T-313 Vietnamese village
B/T-314 Vietnamese village
B/T-315 SGT Stegner cutting E-4 stripes off of SP/4 Bob Tegelman, promoted to SGT E-5
B/T-316 SGT Stegner cutting E-4 stripes off of SP/4 Jerry Brady, promoted to SGT E-5
B/T-317 L-R SGTS Tegelman, Jerry Brady, Richard Stegner, Rudolfo Mascarenhas have a cold one in NCO Club
B/T-318 SGT Lewis R. Efird in NCO Club
B/T-319 L-R SGT Rivera, SGT Stegner, in NCO Club
B/T-320 L-R SFC David Horner, SSG Lewis R. Efrid, CMS Petty in NCO Club
B/T-321 CMS Petty making a point in NCO Club
B/T-322 Officers Outhouse
B/T-323 SGT B. Tegelman
B/T-324 L-R SGT’S Tegelman, Nixon, Strickland
B/T-325 Standing L-R Strickland, Elza Tye, Benjamin Bonano-Cassillas, kneeling L-R Joe Blalock, Agustiniino Correia-Coes
B/T-326 Standing L-R Tegelman, Tye, Bonano-Cassillas, kneeling Blalock, Correia-Coes
B/T-327 Checking for booby traps on HWY 1
B/T-328 Vietnamese outpost on HWY 1
B/T-329 Checking loads on HWY 1
B/T-330 Checking what they are hauling
B/T-331 Vietnamese using Sampan to harvest rice
B/T-332 Checking vehicles on HWY 1
B/T-333 SGT B. Tegelman on Patrol
B/T-334 D Troop Supply Room
B/T-335 EM Showers
B/T-336 D Troop Orderly Room
B/T-337 SGT B. Tegelman on bunk in Hooch
B/T-338 Mortar damage above Centaur head
B/T-339 L-R PFC Door Gunner James White on guitar, H. Beasley, having a cocktail
B/T-340 L-R J. White, B. Tegelman, Kramarczyk, Carson enjoying some music
B/T-341 SGT Tegelman holding M-16 with Night Scope
B/T-342 PFC Joe Blalock
B/T-343 L-R B. Tegelman, H. Beasley talking about how good those C-Rats are
B/T-344 Mortar damage above Centaur Head
B/T-345 L-R SP/4 Walker, H. Beasley, M. Kramarczyk, all prior door gunners have some un-authorize hard liquor
B/T-346 D Troop Area at Schofield Barracks Hawaii
B/T-347 Door Gunners and Crew Chiefs Hootch #39
B/T-348 L-R Donald Moore, H. Beasley, on guitar James D. White
B/T-349 L-R Beasley, Hamil Millsaps, Pyburn, Don Moore, Lara
B/T-350 L-R WO Menzl, Beasley, Holloway, Carroll
B/T-351 L-R Beasley, Carroll
B/T-352 L-R Beasley, CPT Tony Robinson, Holloway, Carroll
B/T-353 Beasley in civvies
B/T-354 CE Donald Moore just being himself
B/T-355 Door gunner SP/4 Carroll
B/T-356 L-R D. Moore, R. Holloway, Carroll enjoying a beer after a long day of flying
B/T-357 Holloway
B/T-358 Beasley
B/T-359 L-R Raymond Holloway, Beasley, Moore, Carroll
B/T-360 Beasley enjoying a beer
B/T-361 Holloway
B/T-362 Carroll
B/T-363 Carroll
B/T-364 L-R Strickland, Kramarczyk, Stegner, Beasley
B/T-365 CE James Pyburn
B/T-366 L-R Pyburn holding tie down, Beasley crew of AC#661
B/T-367 Centaurs in flight, Nui Ba Den (Black Virgin Mountain) in background
B/T-368 MAJ Mike Squires
B/T-369 Beasley by his M-60
B/T-370 Millsaps
B/T-371 Beasley’s helmet nick name (The Rev)
B/T-372 New Mess Hall
B/T-373 John Carson on KP
B/T-374 EM Showers
B/T-375 Beer tent and Barber Shop
B/T-376 Outside Piss trough
B/T-377 L-R EM outhouse, Officers outhouse
B/T-378 After WWII a 25ft wooden cross was erected at KoleKole Pass. In 1962 it was replaced with a 37ft iron cross.
B/T-379 In Sept. 1997 a law suit was filed by Hawaii Citizens for the Separation
of Church and State. The Cross was removed in Nov. 1997.
B/T-380 Maj. Gen. James Hill ordered the cross removed. Stating it was to costly to
fight the lawsuit and the rusty cross needed repairs that would cost at least
$60,000 dollars.
B/T-381 L-R Parks, Moore, Beasley, Pyburn, Millsaps, William Shipley
B/T-382 L-R Beasley, CPT Brown, CPT Hatfield, Kramarczyk
B/T-383 Pyburn by AC#661 bunker
B/T-384 Beasley cleaning M-60
B/T-385 Mascot Copper that we brought from Hawaii. KIA in a Motar attack
B/T-386 L-R CE Charles Wilson, Beasley
B/T-387 Officers outhouse standing CPT Mark Ponzillo, front to rear- CPT Gary Hatfield, WO Sipple, Unknown
B/T-388 L-R Unknown, Carson, Duane Dingman, Unknown
B/T-389 Hootch #39 crew chiefs and door gunners
B/T-390 Rainy day at Cu Chi
B/T-391 L-R Watkins and Beasley getting ready for the Cu Chi Calendar.
B/T-392 L-R Beasley and Millsaps
B/T-393 Beasley saw in hand working on pallet sidewalks
B/T-394 L-R Beasley and Frith acting E-5s in Hawaii and Vietnam
B/T-395 L-R Unknown officer, XO MAJ Gene Prosser, CE Wilson, leaning on M-60 Beasley
B/T-396 Little Bear Crash in Centaur Corral
B/T-397 Little Bear Crash
B/T-398 Little Bear Crash
B/T-399 Little Bear Crash
B/T-400 L-R Pyburn, MAJ Mike Squires, unknown, Beasley
B/T-401 The cost of War

B/T-402 A door gunner is KIA