Kenneth Mick

........................24 Photos.................

KM-01 Arrival Tan My 72

KM-02 Arrival Tan My 72

KM-03 Tan My Area

KM-04 Tan y Pentaprime Revetment

KM-05 Ken Mick with Cobra

KM-06 Lai Khe Revetments

KM-07 Lai Khe Revetments

KM-08 Lai Khe Gun Platoon members, Griffin sitting, Oconnell, Martindale with Beer and Weck, 71

KM-09 Tay Ninh East

KM-10 Nui Ba Dinh

KM-11 Nui Ba Dinh 71

KM-12 Cau Dai Temple 71

KM-13 Thien Ngon 71

KM-14 Russ Miller, Long Binh 72

KM-15 Centaur Cobra and Loaches

KM-16 Centaur Cobra returning to Lai Khe 71

KM-17 Centaur Pilot Phu Bai

KM-18 Centaur Pilot Preflight 72

KM-19 Ken Mick cooking and two others Tay Ninh East, 71

KM-20 Lee Cranney & others Tay Ninh East 71

KM-21 LT Weck & MAJ Spencer Phu Bai

KM-22 Ron Radcliffe

KM-23 Tyner & Haynie

KM-24 Unknown