MIke Galloway & Jim Filiatreault

MG-01 Mike Galloway

MG-02 Galloway and Claudine the dog

MG-03 Russ Mattison's aircraft hit by mortar

MG-04 Galloway

MG-05 Galloway

MG-06 L to R Perry Thomas (towel), Russ Mattison with dog, Galloway

MG-07 Galloway

MG-08 Galloway

MG-09 Galloway

MG-10 Galloway's aircraft. Hooked skid on PSP and slammed down cross tube through fuel cell.

MG-11 Filiatreault

MG-12 Russ Mattison

MG-13 L to R Mike Galloway, Pat Eastes, unk, Pat Bilyk, Russ Mattison

MG-14 L to R Russ Mattison, Larry Patterson, Jim Filiatreault, Jones

MG-15 L to R Pat Eastes, unk, unk, unk, Jim Filiatreault

MG-16 Jim Filiatreault's hootch place


MG-18 Hootch Mamas

MG-19 Jim Filiatreault with Cobra

MG-20 Jim Filiatreault on aircraft that was shot down by rocket. 4 Nov 1968



MG-23 Russ Mattison's aircraft hit by mortar

MG-24 Mike Galloway's wreck

MG-25 First Cobra crash Tom Meeks and Moose Marcinkowski

MG-26 Meeks and Marcinkowski Cobra accident

MG-27 Moose Marcinkowski sat here (Cobra crash)

MG-28 Cobra 552 lost 90 degree gearbox

MG-29 Centaur 6 still leaking

MG-30 Filiatreault paints Radio Compartment door

MG-31 Aircraft hit by rocket 4 Nov 1968

MG-32 Aircraft hit by rocket 4 Nov 1968. Hook ended up in Radio Compartment (Filiatreault)

MG-33 Galloway's left overs

MG-34 Rocket vs Transmission 4 Nov 1968

MG-35 Galloway's old working parts

MG-36 A - B Troop Cluster

MG-37 Carrying injured M113 Driver to Jim Filiatreault's slick for medivac


MG-39 Nui Ba Den

MG-40 Jim Filiatreault painted logo in Mike's hootch area.