Pat "Juaquin" Eastes

........................59 Photos.................

PE-1 - Heavy Scout Gunship 444 in the Corral at Cu Chi

PE-2 - Hog 513


PE-4 - OH-23G Raven landing in a forward area

PE-5 - Juaquin and mascot in the Hootch

PE-6 - Mark Schmidt Heavy Scouts Gun Team Leader

PE-7 - John Kelly lounging near the trench bunkers in the company area.

PE-8 - John Kelly lounging near the trench bunkers in the company area.

PE-9 - Juaquin lounging near the trench bunkers in the company area.

PE-10 - Costanza, First SGT, I think (not on roster yet)

PE-11- Mike Siegel examining enemy 51 cal machine gun

PE-12 - WO1 Bill Gold Slick Pilot

PE-13 - WO1 Bill Gold Slick Pilot

PE-14 - John Kelly with the 51 cal

PE-15 - Gun sight on the 51 cal

PE-16 - Eastes holding a dug up, exploded 122 in Corral, morning of Tet 68

PE-17 - Award Ceremony in Company Area. John Kelly receiving award. Charlie Johnson on his right.

PE-18 - Panama City weekend during flight school

PE-19 - Bob Taylor on the flight line

PE-20 - Bob Taylor and his historic Flight Helmet.

PE-21 - Bob Taylor

PE-22 - Bruce Powell before he learned how to trim his moustache

PE-23 - Jeffery "Doc" Halliday Gun Pilot

PE-24 - John Kelly, Bixby (Kelly's FO buddy from another unit), and Slick the wonder dog


PE-26 - Unkown, Bob Taylor, and Richard Honyoust - Company Area

PE-27 - Stiles (?)

PE-28 - WO Deryl Gunn

PE-29 - Claudine, hootch dog

PE-30 - Larry Patterson slick pilot

PE-31 - Tom Meeks Gun Pilot

PE-32 - Village outside the wire near rearm pit

PE-33 - WO Russ Mattison

PE-34 - Juaquin

PE-35 - Siegel and Halliday

PE-36 - Juaquin viewing captured weapons

PE-37 - Juaquin

PE-38 - Me pulling fire guard in Basic, Ft. Polk

PE-39 - Juaquin

PE-40 - Juaquin with Willi Williams VC Flag, before Willi got all the signatures on it.

PE-41 - Night miniguns in a fire fight on the perimeter

PE-42 - Night miniguns in a fire fight on the perimeter

PE-43 - Christmas Card 1967

PE-44 - Charred wreckage that used to be 468, Charlie Model gunship, where Schmidt, Anderson, Henson and Barsch were killed in December 1967

PE-45 - AK-47 round through the greenhouse (roof over pilot's head). Round narrowly missed the pilot in the right seat. Could have been me. Can't remember - Jauquin

PE-46 - One of the new AH-1G Cobra Gunships

PE-47 - AH-1G Cobra Back seat instrument panel.

PE-48 - Bruce Powell and Pat Bilyk

PE-49 - Eastes and Halliday on standby at Dau Tieng. Maybe Jones on the lower right

PE-50 - Cobra nose turret

PE-51 - Three "strac" troops - (l to r) Pat Eastes, CPT John Whitehead (Slick Platoon Leader at the time), and Mike Siegel, a slick driver but a gunship pilot at heart.

PE-52 - Hobo Woods - Look at left center of photo and you might see smoke rising from a trail where we had just put in some rockets

PE-53 - Hog Gunship

PE-54 - TJ Lange, Crew Chief working on his gunship 462. Yellow patches are for bullet holes

PE-55 - Mark Schmidt

PE-56 - Mike Galloway and crew rearming rockets in their Hog in the rearm pit. Hog 513

PE-57 - Rockets enroute - taken during a testfire or training run in AO Erp, just Southeast of Cu Chi

PE-58 - Mike Siegel and John Kelly on or about the day of Tet 68. They look like they were rode hard and put up wet, and they had been. I am pretty sure that Siegel had been shot down that day.

PE-59 - Mike Siegel's Slick